Dr. Katrina Malhotra, PT, DPT

Specializing in pelvic health, pregnancy, postpartum, & menopause, Katrina received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Indiana University in 2008 and has been practicing solely in the field of pelvic health since 2010, empowering women, men, and the occasional pediatric patient. 

After receiving her doctorate she has taken continuing education courses focusing in pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, bowel disorders, and female and male pelvic pain, to name a few. 

Having been a patient in many locations over the years, Katrina really feels that she has honed the ability to give her patients the care and power that they deserve. She has personally experienced the good and the bad of biopsies, hospital births, a loss, a home birth, ER visits, abdominal surgeries, organ removal, menopause, HRT… and has opinions on all of this, but most of all finds it to be a FACT that no one knows your body and your experiences better than you. And no one should take that away from you. 

Katrina believes that empowering patients to have faith in and believe in the strength of their own bodies is her superpower.

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